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Albunack provides artist discographies by bringing together two of the largest music information databases MusicBrainz and Discogs. This information is stored on a dedicated server giving fast and reliable service, Albunack is used to power the SongKong and Jaikoz music tagger applications.

The Cranberries Discography

This discography page was generated on 23-Feb-2018

This Albunack discography lists all releases groups by The Cranberries (c98d40fd-f6cf-4b26-883e-eaa515ee2851) where they are credited as the only release artist and releases by the equivalent Discogs artist (155833). Releases that they appear on as only a track artist are not shown. The top level release-group can be opened to show each release version, and each of these can be opened to show the track listing (including the Bpm of the tracks if in the database).

We found 229 MusicBrainz releases and 387 Discogs releases

Albunack also suggests Discogs releases that seem to be equivalent to a MusicBrainz release, and you can link these using the link button. Sometimes Albunack is unable to find a good match to a Discogs release but you may be able to see a good match so it allows you to provide a link to any Discogs release via the custom_link button. You can also import Discogs releases into MusicBrainz using the import button, these are both available from the Action column for the release In all cases Albunack prepopulates the MusicBrainz Release Editor with the new information but you still need to check and submit the information. Please ensure you are already logged into the MusicBrainz website before attempting to link or import a release or it will not work.

Only show Official releases:No Yes

Only show MusicBrainz releases with matches to Potential Discogs releases:No Yes


1993 Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? 19 MusicBrainz Release Group Linked to 9 Discogs release Possible links for 2 Discogs release Additional 52 Discogs release
1994 No Need to Argue 20 MusicBrainz Release Group Linked to 14 Discogs release Possible links for 1 Discogs release Additional 83 Discogs release
1996 To the Faithful Departed 17 MusicBrainz Release Group Linked to 11 Discogs release Possible links for 2 Discogs release Additional 51 Discogs release
1999 Bury the Hatchet 12 MusicBrainz Release Group Linked to 8 Discogs release Possible links for 2 Discogs release Additional 62 Discogs release